Got a new desktop computer

After my last purchase of a DIY computer 5 years ago, I finally
orderred a new one from Dell. It spends my around 3900 RMB to get
the new PC which is quite small enough and without mointor. So it’s
really not cheap but it is worth for the dimension in 5in*5in. I
can put it on my desk easily without occupying too much space.

The purchase experience from DELL is actually not well. The
picture of PCs on DELL’s website are always beautiful and the style
of website is pretty fresh. It delights you to raise an order if
you really have some needs on PC or laptops. Once you made the
decision on any type of machine, you have to make a toll free call
to the DELL representative telling them your PC type. They will
raise an order for you. Everything goes well at this time except
for you have to pay in advance before they raising the order. Once
the order was raisen, you can look up your order status on DELL’s
website by providing your order number and customer ID.

Now you will feel frustrated totally since the status of the
order was always ‘in producing ‘. Normally it’s not true if the
representative tells you that your PC will be made and arrived to
you within 7 working days. You have to wait wait and wait until you
finally noticed DELL is cheating you and it has never started to
assembly your PC yet. After 2 weeks waiting, I was totally
frustrated and lost my patient to wait. So I write an email to my
representative to threat I will rollback the order and get my money
back. It was interesting that the PC was made within one day after
I sending the email. I also get the feedback from the
representative to say sorry.

My case is not unique, actually it’s quite normal, all over the
world. You can find huge complaints to DELL for its delay of PC
manufacture and  delivery. And complaint to your
representative looks a good idea if you sufferred any delay from

Anyway the PC has 4G memory running Windows 7. It is faster than
my old one. Will try to run some java program later…

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